Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement
Gain a differential selling advantage.

What It Takes to Succeed permalink

Sales success depends on your best people coordinating what they do best. Based on research, well over half of companies state that they have invested in sales enablement, yet few companies see sales success as an outcome. Our focus is on formal coordination of your selling assets in the areas of marketing, training, coaching, operations, management, and sales automation to enhance your content, processes, and messaging to convey value to customers.

Strategic Sales Territory Sizing Analysis permalink

Do you know where your best prospects are?  We take a unique approach to determining where sales assets should be deployed using our proprietary tool called Strategic Sales Territory Sizing Analysis. We can provide you with demand estimations about purchase and consumption behavior based on data sources to ensure you get valid projections and forecasts.

Strategic Sales Process Audit permalink

Do you know what obstacles are keeping your sales team from landing prospects and increasing closing ratios? Most companies know they have holes in their selling processes, but don’t know where. With our proprietary Strategic Sales Process Audit, we explore every aspect of your approach—from prospecting to conducting discovery and presentations to closing strategies. From there, we collaborate to formulate a game plan.

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We have the expertise in constructing effective strategic sales plans based on what your customers require. We start with clear organizational sales goals attached to a formal tactical sales action plan. We will help you establish metrics to assess the efficacy and fulfillment of your strategic sales planning process.

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Strategic Aim Consulting is your one-stop sales training and coaching partner who is in touch with industry best practices. Based on what works in other large companies, we bring innovation, creativity, and differentiation to your selling approach that is proven to increase your total sales revenues.

Most sales training at annual sales meetings touts how great your products are compared to your competitors. Unfortunately, you get product-focused sellers who “show up and throw up.” Our training teaches you to sell value to your prospects and customers, which differentiates you from your competition.

Here are some crucial diagnostic questions that you may want to consider:

  • Are your sales revenues flat or below the budget?
  • Do you spend too much time trying to fix under-performers?
  • Are you missing the “low hanging fruit” sales with current customers?
  • How are your closing ratios compared to your competition?
  • Are you unsure why you lost a big account recently?
  • Is your investment in sales training in line with what competing businesses spend?

Strategic Aim Sales Courses permalink

  1. Profit-Impacting Negotiation Course

    Profit-Impacting Negotiation Course permalink

    Learn collaborative and bargaining strategies for deal-making to increase your profitability.

  2. Basics of Consultative Selling

    Basics of Consultative Selling permalink

    Learn collaborative and bargaining strategies for deal-making to increase your profitability.

  3. Advanced Consultative Selling Course

    Advanced Consultative Selling Course permalink

    Learn collaborative and bargaining strategies for deal-making to increase your profitability.